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Updated July 11, 2012 at 09:07 PM EDT
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Spoiler alert! After last night’s explosive Covert Affairs season premiere in which we said goodbye to a character we’ve known since the show’s beginning (Sendhil Ramamurthy’s Jai) and Annie (Piper Perabo) and Auggie (Christopher Gorham) got reassigned, we asked Gorham a few of our burning questions:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Annie isn’t supposed to talk to her former colleague about the work she does now. Will we see her and Auggie interact as much this season?

CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: We don’t get to see them interact as much. But in episode 2, they do go on a mission together, so you get to see them together a lot — and the emotional stakes are very big. It’s a great episode. You see them interact in a way that you’ve never seen them interact before, because as great of friends as they are, Auggie keeps things very close to the vest and now Annie has a lot of secrets that she has to keep from him. One of the really great things about this season is you see how their secrets really start to wear on the relationship and weigh on them. It builds up to a point later in the season where I think there’s a really satisfying payoff to the tension that does build throughout the year.

How will the ongoing investigation into Jai’s death affect the show?

It’ll be interesting because our audience is used to seeing these episodes wrap up every week and then the next one is mostly unrelated. The investigation into what happened to Jai is the driving force for the season. That explosion really does tear apart the family that had been building. We get to see if and how that family can heal throughout the year. But it’s very difficult because with this new boss, Annie is operating under a different set of rules, and that makes things really tricky, especially as we get toward the end of these 10 episodes, it gets sticky in a really good way…. What I’m excited for is how well I think we’ve followed through with the bold decision [to kill Jai] throughout the rest of the season. We didn’t raise the stakes just for an episode, just to do something big to shock the audience. We raised the stakes for the whole show and make it better. We’re shooting episode 8 and oh my God, it gets crazy.

More deaths?

There are more deaths.


This isn’t the last one.

And we’re talking people we know, not extras.

Not extras. People are in mortal danger, and it’s not just The Guy in the Red Shirt.

Should we be worried about Auggie’s life? I’m assuming you will say yes, since he just took over the job that got Jai killed.

Yes, but for expected and unexpected reasons. In episode 3, Auggie goes to Eritrea to be with Parker, and they’re kidnapped by pirates and put in incredible danger. How they get out of that situation is fantastic. It’s my favorite stunt of the year so far. It’s always fun doing these Auggie episodes because you have to put so much thought into getting him into these situations and then believably getting him out of them. His escape requires something from him that I don’t think we’ve seen before. It’s not something physical to overcome, it’s also something emotional to get through, which is always more interesting.

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