By Stephan Lee
July 10, 2012 at 08:58 PM EDT

If you’re like me, you’re wishing time would speed up so you could get your hands on the next Tempest book by Julie Cross. The first volume, which came out early this year, centered on 19-year-old Jackson Meyer as he traveled through time to save his girlfriend Holly. Cross’ debut wasn’t just a page-turner — it was a surprisingly affecting read about family and loss. When talking to EW’s Breia Brissey about book 2, Cross revealed some vague tidbits about Vortex:

“Time-travel is definitely taken up a notch in the second installment. There are also a few new characters that I really enjoy writing. Readers will learn a little more about Jackson’s dad and some of the mysteries that surround him and his job. After a short prologue, the book opens about three months after the end of Tempest. Three months that Jackson has lived in full — the normal way, no time jumps.

Vortex and the paperback edition of Tempest are still a ways off — January 2013 — but here are the shiny new covers for both!

Are you counting down the minutes until Vortex?

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