By Erin Strecker
July 10, 2012 at 04:36 PM EDT
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On Sunday’s episode of True Blood, there was a scene toward the end where (Spoiler Alert!) Sam and Luna are shot outside Luna’s house. But it wasn’t just that shocking twist (Is Sam going to die? Is this the end for Luna? What about Emma?) that’s making people anxious. It’s what the assailants were wearing: Obama masks.

It’s an especially odd choice for the cable network considering the recent controversy on another HBO show, Game of Thrones. HBO found themselves in hot water when, on DVD commentary, the show creators admitted that a severed head was modeled after George W. Bush (after the ensuing public outcry, HBO edited the episode).

To be fair, a head on a stick is a little different than a mask. Presidential masks are a popular disguise (see: everyone on Halloween) so it could just be a case where the costume generally made sense for the characters as a realistic choice (who’s under the mask has yet to be revealed). On the other hand, some people felt it’s in poor taste to have the president’s image being used in this way, mask or not, on the steamy show.

EW reached out to a press rep for True Blood, who said they did not have a comment.

Much ado about nothing, or were the masks a misstep?

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