The Internet has been bristling with the news that Wes Anderson will tap Johnny Depp for his next movie. (Anderson’s publicist could not confirm reports from Twitch that Depp will star in the director’s following project.) However, if it does happen, what kind of Wes Anderson character should Depp play? Here are five possibilities.

1. The embittered son with father issues. Family ties or lack of them are a particularly strong theme in Anderson’s work — see Jason Schwartzman as Ash in Fantastic Mr Fox.

2. The estranged or reluctant father figure. Another Anderson staple is most clearly expressed in Gene Hackman as Royal Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums, or in The Life Aquatic’s Bill Murray as Steve Zissou.

3. The presupposing author. The idea of someone trying to transcend their social position is evident in Jason Schwartzman’s Max Fischer in Rushmore, but also in Owen Wilson’s Eli Cash in Tenenbaums, whose idea that Custer did not die at Little Big Horn provides one of the greatest throwaway gags in any of Anderson’s movies.

4. The narrator. Depp’s tones could follow the likes of bobble hatted Bob Balaban in Moonrise Kingdom or for those of you with your ears open, that husky, testosterone and whiskey fuelled purr is indeed Alec Baldwin narrating Tenenbaums.

5. The kid on the beach dancing in his underwear. Jared Gilman in Moonrise Kingdom provided one of the most memorable scenes of the summer with his gawky dancing. Any activity with Depp in his boxer shorts will no doubt be a hit.

Whatever happens, one thing’s for certain; if there’s one man who could look good walking in slow motion to an obscure French pop song, or have the face to handle a crash zoom it’s Johnny Depp.

So which character would you want to see Depp play? Vote below!

Written by Will Morley