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Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger

As you may have heard by now, Christopher Andersen’s scandalous Mick Jagger biography hits shelves tomorrow, July 10.

Titled Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger, Andersen’s latest celebrity tell-all recounts the Rolling Stones frontman’s 68 years of exploits, from his sexual escapades with David Bowie to his thoughts about Beyoncé (“impressed”).

The book’s index of bad boy antics stretch back to Jagger’s childhood (wee four-year-old Mick kicked down other kids’ sandcastles) to his prep-school rebellion (he “got into serious trouble for wearing his hair too long and his jeans too tight”).

Yet, of course, it’s adult Mick who got into the most trouble. The bio’s full of salacious stories, including some new details on Jagger’s run-ins with royalty, celebrities, sex, drugs, and, once in a while, rock and roll.

Overall, Mick clocks in at 328 pages, each jam-packed with juiciness. So to help prepare you, here’s a rundown of some of the tabloid goodness:

• The Queen of England’s longstanding resentment toward Jagger, stemming from the singer’s ambiguous relationship with Princess Margaret

• Jagger’s intimate relations with late Stones member Brian Jones, whom Jagger seduced as a sexual power play against Keith Richards

• Jagger publicly fondling an enraged Marianne Faithfull’s breasts during their first encounter (as one might expect, Faithfull — who would famously end up leaving her husband for Mick — is all over the book)

• Jagger reportedly getting caught in bed with Eric Clapton

• Jagger’s affairs with Angelina Jolie

• Jagger’s “sort of romance” with English actor James Fox

• Jagger and dancer Rudolf Nureyev playfully trapping Geraldo Rivera in the middle of a sexual sandwich at a party; Rivera claims that this was Mick’s serious attempt to seduce him

• Jagger’s supposed shoe fetish

That’s a lot of Jagger! But if you can’t get no satisfaction until you know more, pick up the book and come back to let us know your favorite Mick antic.

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