RoboCop (1987 movie)

The original 1987 RoboCop hit theaters at a time when U.S. crime rates were rising, Cold War spending pushed military budgets ever higher, and Hollywood readily embraced bloody, hard-R violence. It was, in other words, the perfect time for a sneakily smart satire of the corporatization of the military-industrial complex dressed up as a glibly brutal sci-fi thriller, about a Detroit cop whose nearly fatal accident leads him to be transformed into a mechanized crime fighter.

Twenty-five years later, with crime rates way down, the Cold War long over, and Hollywood pretty well abandoning hard-R violence in favor of the bloodless (and more lucrative) PG-13, it may not seem like the most apt time for the upcoming RoboCop reboot.

Or does it? Stories of U.S. police forces using airborne drones have been quite the hot topic of late, and in the first teaser promo for the film — starring Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Hugh Laurie, Abbie Cornish, and The Killing‘s Joel Kinnaman in the titular role — a faux ad for a mega-conglomorate called Omnicorp touts the company’s private military drones as products for use in American cities. And, besides, if there’s one thing Hollywood loves to do, it’s remake decades old sci-fi flicks with a 21st century spit-and-polish.

Check out the teaser below, which also features an updated ED-209 and a small glimpse at the new RoboCop armor — do you think it makes a compelling case for a new RoboCop?

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RoboCop (1987 movie)
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