You already know Chris, 28, and Liam Hemsworth, 22, from movies like The Avengers and The Hunger Games. Now meet their older brother, Luke, 32, who's planning a move from Melbourne to L.A. to restart his own acting career.

Why the move?

”It’s just a perfect time for my family, most of all. I’ve got three little kids, and they haven’t started school yet. The other factor is that Christopher and Liam have, obviously, established a base there.”

But you were the first Hemsworth to act, right?

”I think I was only the first because I was the oldest. It’s like walking first. You could say that I taught them to walk!”

What were you all like as kids?

”Liam has always been quiet. Chris and I would definitely gang up on him. At the same time, he was not one to shy away in terms of being physical, so Chris and Liam would fight. I would end up sitting in the middle of car trips, and they would fight across me.”

What was your first big role?

”It was on [Australian soap] Neighbours. I played a footballer [who] was actually a drug dealer — of growth hormones. Physically, I was quite a lot bigger than everyone else on the show, so it made sense to make me a steroid junkie!”

But you later left acting. Why?

”I got a bit disillusioned with it all and started my own timber-flooring business. Chris and Liam have both worked there. I’ve been their boss, so they paid their dues.”

What made you decide to get back into acting now?

”I just made a decision probably about a year ago. I had a little bit of a spark back. I got a role on Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms [an Australian miniseries that aired in May] pretty much straightaway, which was a fantastic show. From there, [I’m] just trying to keep that momentum going.”

Now that you share a U.S. manager with your brothers, will you all try to work together?

”That would be the goal — finding the right project that all of us can fit into. Try to do something funny.”