By Darren Franich
July 06, 2012 at 12:40 PM EDT

Ten years ago, the runaway success of Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie kickstarted the whole modern era of superhero movies. This week, Sony rebooted the web-swinging franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man, a movie which has earned critical praise (and a bit of cash) despite the general perception that it might be, well, a bit unnecessary. On this week’s episode of Entertainment Geekly, we talk about the history of the Spider-Man movies — and offer just a bit of praise for the widely-loathed Spider-Man 3 — and ponder where the franchise could go from here. We also talk a bit about Comic-Con, where Jeff will be hosting a certain panel featuring the cast of a certain shortlived Joss Whedon TV show about characters who went on adventures while wearing brown coats. (Hint: It ain’t Dollhouse.)

Listen to the complete podcast below, or check us out in the iTunes store. Tell us what you thought about Amazing Spider-Man, and if you agree that Spider-Man 3 is underrated, tweet at us at @EWDocJensen and @EWDarrenFranich.

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