''Magic Mike'' will soon bring its stripper action to a live stage when it hits Broadway
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Save up those $1 bills: Magic Mike star (and inspiration) Channing Tatum, director Steven Soderbergh, and writer Reid Carolin are turning their stripper movie into a live stage show. The trio discussed the idea while working on Magic Mike‘s script, but Tatum says he began taking it seriously thanks to his costar. ”Matt Bomer started singing some of the songs while he was on stage, and he was like, ‘This would kill as a musical,”’ Tatum recalls. ”That cemented it for me.” The team hasn’t decided if the show will include singing, but it will likely use characters from the movie and take place in a strip club. ”We want to do something interactive…so it becomes like Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding,” Soderbergh says. Adds Carolin, ”We want it to be a place where women can scream at the dancers and throw money.” Will Tatum reprise his role? ”I’d love the challenge. But if it’s a musical, I’d need a lot of singing classes.”

Magic Mike
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