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Everybody has an opinion about Prometheus. The Alien sorta-prequel dominated the cultural conversation for most of June — partially because the movie brought up a whole host of thematic questions without quite answering them, but also because it was more fun to talk about Prometheus than any of the other movies that came out in June. The film is still playing in theaters, but the French version of Amazon is already advertising the movie’s Blu-ray release. In France, the movie will be be packaged with the four Alien movies in a mega-set called Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus.

It’s unclear if Americans will get the same collector’s pack treatment, but the list of special features is probably a good indicator of the extras we’ll be getting on the American release. Evolution promises 15 minutes of deleted or alternate scenes from Prometheus — possibly including the Engineer Grandpa? But true Prometheus heads will be more interested in the promise of getting a look at the first and final drafts of the screenplay. It’s not clear if “first draft” in this case refers to the original incarnation of the project (when it was an Alien prequel) or the first version of Prometheus after Damon Lindelof came onboard to rewrite. Either way, the extras promise to shed some light on the movie…and maybe explain why no one in the future knows how to run sideways.

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