My commute is a 45-minute combination of public transportation and walking. I listen to my iPod every day. About once a week, I shuffle onto a song that puts a grin on my face so big, I’m sure I look an idiot. Often, it’s because I’ve flashed back to a particular event, like two friends leading an impromptu dance party in the parking lot of an adventure mini-golf place in the Poconos on a sleepy Saturday afternoon (Lil Jon’s “Get Low”). But the song that gets me the worst (or is it the best?) is Lionel Richie’s “Lady” duet with Kenny Rogers off Tuskegee. Watch them sing it live together below, and you might understand. Part of it, I’m sure, is that I grew up listening to each of them on eight track in the morning before elementary school, so it’s a double dose of nostalgia from a time when I had nothing to do in the morning but listen to an entire album. But mostly, it’s that they sound so damn good together it becomes timeless. There’s an ease, and a confidence, and a sense of perfection when their voices meld together for the crescendo at 2:45. I have to rewind to that point a minimum of five times whenever I play it — and the grin never stops.

Your turn. What song makes you grin like a fool when you listen to it in public?

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