A legendary warrior is joining Once Upon a Time‘s second season.

Hangover 2 and Sucker Punch actress Jamie Chung has been cast as the Chinese fighter Mulan in the show. The character is expected to have a recurring role in the ABC hit’s eagerly awaited second season.

The character originates from an ancient Chinese poem about Hua Mulan, a young woman who takes her elderly father’s place in the army. ABC’s parent company Disney adapted the story for a well-received 1998 animated musical film starring Ming-Na and Eddie Murphy.

UPDATE: Some more details about Mulan’s character. She’s described as having been trained in weaponry, tracking and riding, but “has a spirituality that enhances

her tactical and strategic abilities. She has suffered past betrayals, so her trust is hard-won, but once she gives her oath of friendship her loyalty knows no boundaries.” Also, “when she falls in love, she falls hard.”

UPDATE II: Once Upon a Time casts Sleeping Beauty.

How will Mulan fit into the show’s current storyline? Perhaps the showrunners will give us some clues at Comic-Con next week. Speaking of which, the show’s moody blues Comic-Con poster has been released. Check that out below:

Once Upon returns to ABC on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m.

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