If you’ve ever watched one of those sweeping, heart rate-quickening Nike/Gatorade/Chrysler commercials and thought, “There should probably be an over-the-top British rock song in here,” then we’ve got just the thing for you.

While you were celebrating America’s freedom from Britain yesterday, those sneaky redcoats slyly posted a music video for “Survival,” Muse’s official song of London’s Summer Olympics, on the Internet.

Like the song itself, the video is on the ambitious side, trying in four minutes to capture more than a century’s worth of sweaty Olympian drama. And as an added bonus, they also threw in an Easter egg for Marvel fans by flashing an image of what looks to be the next Spider-Man villain at the 3:00 mark!

Spend some time with the video in all its spandex glory below and head to the comments to let us know just how pumped you are for the big event: