Seth Meyers Kelly Ripa
Credit: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

The (very slow) race to find a person that will fill the Regis-sized butt print in the chair next to Kelly Ripa is down to three, folks!

After Philbin exited the show in November, the seat next to Ripa has been occupied by a rotating roster of famous faces — including Joel McHale, Anderson Cooper, Michael Bublé, and Neil Patrick Harris, among others. But according to one report, the field is now down to SNL‘s Seth Meyers, football legend Michael Strahan, and power-voice Josh Groban.

Last time PopWatch did a check-in on the matter — back in January — Groban came in second behind Harris in a poll asking for your vote for best guest host. At that time, Meyers and Strahan were so far off my radar that I didn’t even put them in the poll. (Though, several of you fine people gave Strahan a shout-out in the comments.) Oh, how things have changed.

When choosing between this new reported top three, I have to agree with the write-in voters from earlier; Strahan is humble, likeable, and someone I’d watch in the mornings. (Though, I’ll admit, I’ve been less loyal to the show since Philbin left.) Alas, the aforementioned report claims Meyers is the current frontrunner.

But what are your thoughts? Let’s take this to one of our totally scientific polls:

Now, in a perfect world, Harris or Cooper would occupy the seat indefinitely, but both have full plates at the moment — Harris with How I Met Your Mother and Cooper with giggling. But I also wouldn’t rule out Harris in the longer term. Why? Well, when I brought up his hosting stint during an interview with him in January, he told me (jokingly…I think): “Here’s my new plan: If they do pick a co-host that for some reason doesn’t work — and they give him a good, long, fair shot of a couple of years, but it’s just clear to everyone that it’s just not meant to be — then, How I Met Your Mother will be finished with its run, [I] move to New York [to co-host], and all is good with the world.”

Good, indeed. Now, I’ll take one ticket to this magical land, please!