July 05, 2012 at 11:01 PM EDT

This is a pretty strange story, even by True Blood‘s standards.

Influential Los Angeles radio station KCRW premiered a new collaboration between famed Detroit protopunk Iggy Pop and Best Coast’s Spin covergirl Bethany Cosentino called “Let’s Boot and Rally.”

The new cut’s snaking guitars and Cali surf-rock vibes strike an interesting balance between the two artists’ respective styles, though given Best Coast’s recent taste for the subdued melancholy, the song tilts toward Iggy.

What really makes it intriguing, though, is that the song was co-written by KCRW DJ and True Blood music supervisor Gary Calamar and composer James Combs — plus the fact that it will be featured in the HBO program this Sunday.

Writes Calamar:

“Each episode is named after a song that is used in that show. We had a situation where we had an episode called ‘Boot and Rally’ but we really didn’t have a song that was True Bloody enough to use. What to do. Should we change the title of the episode? I suggested that maybe we can have someone write a new song called ‘Boot and Rally’…..Everyone agreed to give it a try and I started brainstorming.”

As it turned out, Pop was already a True Blood fan and was looking for a chance to do something for the show. Cosentino, meanwhile, had been responsible for Calamar’s “favorite song this summer,” the recent Best Coast single “The Only Place.” From there, things took care of themselves.

Give the new True Blood tune a listen in the video below:

Pretty cool, right? We think so! Read the rest of Calamar’s story here and come back to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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