For most of the 1990s, Kevin Richardson was “the one with the goatee” in the Backstreet Boys, the oldest, and seen as the adult of the group (although considering the rest of the guys were baby-faced, just a hint of facial hair was enough to take care of that). The Backstreet Boys are back together, reuniting for an album and tour in spring 2013 — which will coincide with their 20th anniversary (now I feel really old). But Richardson has the silver screen on his mind as well. He’s starring in two upcoming films — the first is a vampire musical called The Bloody Indulgent — and the second, Casserole Club, is out on DVD this week.

Check out an exclusive clip of Casserole Club below, complete with 60s white mod furniture and Richardson trading in the goatee for a pencil-thin mustache. He told EW he was “channelling Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind.” Make of that what you will.

This isn’t 40-year-old Richardson’s first time branching out from his boy band pals. He’s starred in Chicago on Broadway and has a solo record in the works as well, but he says he’s excited to be recording as a group again, as well as exploring a career in film.

“I’m excited to get back in the studio with the guys,” he said. “What I would like to do is make this record really personal. Four of us are married now, three of us are fathers.” But that doesn’t mean they won’t play “I Want It That Way” in concert. “I get that our fans, they want to hear those songs from back in the day that take them back, like a timestamp. That’s powerful and I realize that and when we tour and we’ll do those songs. That’s what I want when I go to see Madonna or Prince or whatever.”

Backstreet’s back, alright?

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