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Midnight Grosses

Sony’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man earned $7.5 million from midnight shows during its U.S. premiere last night — $1.2 million of which came from 300 IMAX screens.

The $220 million web-slinging flick, which Sony expects will earn between $110 and $120 million over its first six days, has already taken in $50.2 million overseas, and it seems to be off to a healthy start domestically. “We had a fantastic start,” says a rep for the studio.

Comparisons are somewhat difficult given The Amazing Spider-Man‘s unconventional Tuesday release — Spider-Man 3 earned $7.5 million during its Friday midnight debut on the way to a $151 million opening weekend, although that film was not presented in price-jacking 3-D/IMAX, and midnight screenings were less popular five years ago than they are today. Another film from five years ago that opened on a Tuesday, Transformers, earned $8.8 million on Monday night sneaks and took in $155.4 million through Sunday night.

Based on these results (and a whole lot of speculation), I’d bet that The Amazing Spider-Man will take in about $125 million in its first six days, but honestly, it’s too soon to tell right now.

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Midnight Grosses
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