Titanic Kate Winslet
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Kate Winslet is no stranger to nudity. The actress has appeared at least partially naked in films such as Little Children, Holy Smoke!, and The Reader — not to mention that iconic scene from Titanic — but Winslet is now opening up about why she’s repeatedly chosen to bare all, and she shared it’s not always just a character choice.

She told Britain’s The Sun, “I look like the people that walk down the street. I don’t have perfect boobs, I don’t have zero cellulite — of course I don’t — and I’m curvy. If that is something that makes women feel empowered in any way, that’s great.”

“On a deeper, subconscious level, it’s one of the reasons why I’ve allowed my stupid self to be so naked on screen,” Winslet said. “It’s partly because I do believe that it’s right for the character and it’s right for the story but it’s also knowing that not many people do that, actually — and not just that, but I’m a normal person.”

Winslet has talked about body image many times before: In 2009, Winslet and Oprah chatted about The Reader and Oprah told her, “God bless your real breasts!” and thanked her for not using a body double. In 2003, Winslet made headlines when she blasted GQ magazine for altering its cover photo of her, seriously slimming her legs in the process.

But in this interview with The Sun, the 36-year-old actress seems to articulate her long-held beliefs and comfort with herself, as well as what she’s hoping to accomplish for others. “When you are younger, somehow being in your later 30s just seems really old,” she shared. “But I feel stronger, fitter and more comfortable in my own skin now than I have ever done.”

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