Lindsay Lohan turns 26 today, and here at PopWatch headquarters we would like to sincerely wish Lohan a happy (and sober) birthday.

As in the past, Lohan’s 25th year has had its ups and downs, but she seems to be on an upswing. She hosted a highly rated episode of Saturday Night Live and finally got off probation in March. She also started filming a Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, playing Elizabeth Taylor, and generated positive press in some early photos from the film. She also shot a guest-starring role on Glee in the spring, sending up her image as a troubled starlet.

Of course, Lohan’s also hit a few…speedbumps. She’s still struggling behind the wheel, crashing her Porsche into a truck last month, and suffering from exhaustion on the set of Liz & Dick. She posed for Playboy in December, and last week got herself into hot water for a series of sultry photos (complete with a gun!) that sparked controversy.

Despite all of this, we hold out hope that 26 will be better for her: She’s reportedly taken a meeting with Woody Allen, and if reviews for Liz & Dick are good, she can hopefully line up more projects. And in an encouraging sign, Us Weekly reports that at her birthday celebration over the weekend, Lohan was the opposite of a Mean Girl, looking “happy and carefree” and laying off the alcohol.

Best wishes for 26, Lindsay, and many more. And if we can give you one piece of birthday advice: Consider a driver, and do more things like this, please:

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