Credit: Discovery Channel

In January 2010, the father of Northwestern deckhand Jake Anderson went missing in Washington state. Deadliest Catch viewers have watched him work through the heartache, and in Tuesday’s episode, they’ll watch him return to the site where his father’s truck was found.

The timing of the episode is chilling: News just broke that remains discovered by a hiker about a mile away from that location have been identified as Dr. Keith Anderson’s. Watch an emotional clip below.

Jake talks about the jealousy he felt for the Harris brothers, who were able to bury the ashes of their father, Capt. Phil Harris, at sea. He also speaks about the moment he came to believe someone had murdered his father (“And that was the last time I cried….”), how everything he does now is to make his father proud, and how he’d never stop wanting closure. Discovery will add a title card with an update when the episode airs.

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