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Chris Brown certainly has a hard time getting people to understand him, doesn't he?

His new release Fortune hits store shelves tomorrow, and while accepting his BET Award for Best Male R&B on last night's telecast, C. Breezy confused a few people by alluding to the fact that it might be his final entry.

"My last album that's coming out in two days … I just want to thank all my fans. It's dedicated to y'all. This one's for y'all, man, I appreciate everything."

But according to his reps, Brown merely misspoke and has no plans on bailing out of the music business.

Apparently, he also has no intentions of stepping away from the beef business either. Earlier in the weekend, another remix of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" surfaced online, further cementing it as this season's "Rack City," in the sense that everybody feels like they need to rap over it. This particular remix is special in that it features Brown spending the entirety of his verse taking shots at Drake, with whom he was involved in a brawl at a New York City club a few weeks back.

"They throwin' bottles/ I'm throwin' models," Brown raps on the song, alluding to the liquor-tossing event that left him with a split chin He also makes several references to Drake releases, including, "One on one/ What you scared brah?/ Huh, matter of fact/ Take Care brah." He caps off the verse with the rather killer line, "Screaming YOLO/ No, I live twice."

Even though it seems like Brown wasn't the instigator of this particular incident, that hasn't stopped him from trying to come out on top. Of course, there's an easy way to settle this, as a boxing promoter has offered the pair a total of $10 million (donated to charities supporting abused women) to slug it out over three rounds of pugilism. Neither party has commented on that offer yet.


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