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How English do you feel right now? Even if you’re scarfing down bangers and mash while sucking down a pint of cask ale and watching cricket, you could probably use just a dash more Britishness in your day.

Luckily, Damon Albarn is happy to oblige. After years of not being together, months of speculation, a handful of actual reunion dates, and at least one vow to bury the band forever, Albarn and his Blur cohorts have released a pair of new songs put together in honor of the 2012 London Olympics. Unlike the near-disaster that is that official Muse tune, Blur’s tracks are far less bombastic (though it’s hard to imagine using them as a soundtrack to a steeplechase).

For those of you who miss the reflective side of Blur, there’s “Under the Westway” (a song that has been knocked around live for a while). Feeling slightly bouncier and in a synth frame of mind? Try “The Puritan” on for size. They’re both available in all their lyric video glory below.

Blur, “Under the Westway”

Blur, “The Puritan”

Both of the songs were debuted during a Twitter-centric live stream earlier today and are now available for purchase on iTunes. The band will play a concert in London’s Hyde Park on August 12 that will coincide with the Olympics’ closing ceremonies.

Are you glad to hear from Blur again? Or were you more of an Oasis supporter? Bang on in the comments below.


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