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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back!

Five years after Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 netted $890 million at the worldwide box office, Sony’s franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, is starting its own box office rollout.

The Marc Webb-directed action movie, which will swing its way into U.S. theaters on July 3, premiered this weekend in 13 international territories (nine in Asia, and four in Europe, which is fixated on the 2012 Euro Cup) and earned $50.2 million.

So, that certainly sounds like an impressive number, but is it actually a good result? Well, let’s break things down country-by-country, and find out!

Box office was very strong in Asia:

KOREA – $15.8 million from 1,213 screens on Thursday-Sunday. Started off 24 percent bigger than Spider-Man 3 and 10 percent higher than The Avengers.

JAPAN – $11.4 million from 1,092 screens on Saturday-Sunday. That’s 13 percent better than the debut weekend of Spider-Man 3, which kicked off its run with $10.1 million from 807 screens. I’m theorizing that Emma Stone’s anime-eyes have something to do with this!

INDIA – $6.0 million from 1,236 screens. This is the biggest debut ever for a Hollywood film. Amazing Spider-Man opened 74 percent ahead of Spider-Man 3, and 73 percent ahead of The Avengers.

PHILIPPINES – $3.2M from 529 screens. The fourth biggest opening of all time behind The Avengers, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

TAIWAN – $2.9M from 268 screens. This is the second biggest weekend of the year behind The Avengers. Spider-Man 3 earned $4.9 million during its entire run in Taiwan, although comparisons are difficult as the Taiwanese market has exploded in the last five years.

HONG KONG – $2.7M from 158 screens. Once again, this is the 4th biggest opening of all time, behind just Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Avengers, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

THE REST – $2.5 million in Singapore, $1.9 million in Thailand, $425K in Vietnam.

Things were much less rosy in Europe, though:

GERMANY – $4.2 million from 755 screens. For comparison, Spider-Man 3 earned $8.3 million during its first Thursday-Sunday weekend in Germany. The Avengers started with $8.4 million.

HOLLAND – $850K from 113 screens. (Comparisons not available)

AUSTRIA – $480K from 85 screens. Spider-Man 3 started with $1.1 million from 145 screens.

SWITZERLAND – $290K from 130 screens. Spider-Man 3 started with $1.7 million from 148 screens.

The verdict is…

For now things look pretty healthy, but there is no final verdict just yet! The Amazing Spider-Man is clearly already a big hit in Asia, so Sony can breathe easy on that front. But it’s currently unclear whether the reboot packs the same appeal in Europe and other Western countries. Sony held off on releasing the film throughout most of the continent so as not to conflict with the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, which just wrapped up tonight (Paramount has employed the same strategy with Madagascar 3), and Spidey’s lackluster performance in Europe isn’t necessarily indicative of legitimate disinterest in the film — it could be that sports fans just wanted to watch the tournament finals this weekend instead. (Or perhaps Germans wanted to drown their sorrows with a cold lager after getting knocked out by Italy on Thursday.)

Of course, it is possible that European audiences aren’t all that interested in seeing another Spider-Man movie. We’ll find that out soon. Tracking reports in America have the film earning about $125 million over its first six days, which would be a solid, but not unbelievable start. After all, Spider-Man 3 earned $151.8 million in just three days — and that wasn’t in 3-D.

Sony spent a reported $220 million on The Amazing Spider-Man, and although it may have trouble matching its predecessors’ box office heights, it certainly doesn’t look like another Battleship or John Carter. Sometimes reboots just have to endure slightly softer box office cumes in order to establish lucrative new franchises — just look at what Batman Begins hath wrought.

Let me turn this over to you. What do you think? How big will The Amazing Spider-Man be around the world? Was its underperformance in Germany a result of the Euro Cup, or a sign of things to come?

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