The slow rollout of Sparkle-related bits continues: Today, the Internet was treated to the “music video” for the Jordin Sparks-Whitney Houston duet, “Celebrate.”

“Music video” comes to you in quotes because, well, it’s difficult to produce a real music video for a song where half of the duo is no longer with us. And, truly, you can feel the void of Whitney Houston throughout the video, which you can watch below. Of course, producers weren’t going to let the video be completely Whitney-less: They filled the clip with scenes from Sparkle that feature Houston, but the only person lip-syncing the song — during interstitials that, fitting for “Celebrate,” feature a party — is Ms. Jordin Sparks, along with her various costars.

Sparks does a lovely job throughout the video, dancing and singing with the other actor-singers from the movie. It feels triumphant, in a way, that they carried on without Houston. And, in a lovely nod at the very end of the clip, Sparks dons a vintage Whitney Houston T-shirt and says, “We love you, Whitney.” It’s all very sweet — and the song is toe-tapping fun. Watch the video here:

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