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Nowadays, Emma Stone is a red-carpet trendsetter who favors forward-thinking designs by the likes of Elie Saab, Lanvin, and Gucci. But the Amazing Spider-Man star has some hilarious fashion skeletons in her closet, too. In a chat with EW for our new “My Life in Movies” series, in which we talk to actors about the films that inspire them, Stone confesses she was once a dedicated wannabe of a certain ’90s girl group that wasn’t exactly known for having a refined style. “I wanted to dress like the Spice Girls [when I was a kid],” Stone says. “I got platform Skechers. I had bell-bottoms. A lot of peace signs. I cut bangs like Baby Spice because I had blond hair. I wanted to be Baby Spice. I wasn’t Baby because my voice sounded exactly like it does now, and I had that spunky energy going on — I wasn’t [does a baby voice] super demure and sweet. But I really wanted to be.”

Stone also credited Beetlejuice‘s ghoul-loving Lydia (Winona Ryder) as a fashion inspiration and named Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall look as the movie costume she’d most like to wear. “I went as her for Halloween a couple years ago,” Stone says. “I was just like, ‘I want to wear this every day.'”

For more on Emma Stone’s movie inspirations, pick up a copy of the current issue of EW.

Annie Hall
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