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Everyone has a favorite Nora Ephron moment. The writer, director, and all-around super woman passed away last night at age 71, and EW decided to look back over her collection of beloved movies to savor our favorite Ephron-penned scenes from When Harry Met Sally…, You’ve Got Mail, and more.

You can also check out a gallery of some of our favorite Ephron lines.

Start with Tom Hanks declaring his love for Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail:

Check out the brainstorming about what 152 could mean from You’ve Got Mail:

Watch everyone (Well, Rita Wilson) get weepy discussing An Affair to Remember in Sleepless in Seattle:

Relive “I’ll have what she’s having” fun in When Harry Met Sally…:

Remember the perfect ending to When Harry Met Sally…:

Watch a clip from My Blue Heaven:

Check out a heartfelt moment from Julie and Julia:

What were some of your favorite scenes from her films?

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