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Aww, it’s always sweet to see two beautiful celebrities handling a stranger’s baby.

Maroon 5’s new album Overexposed hits streets today, and Adam Levine and co. have released a new video to celebrate. The clip is for the album’s lead-off track and second single “One More Night” and was helmed by Peter Berg, whose directing résumé includes Friday Night Lights (the movie and the show), Hancock, and Battleship.

You might expect an epic music video — the “Payphone” clip was a mini action film, after all — but the concept is on the subdued side. Levine plays a stressed-out boxer struggling to bring the bacon home to his wife, played by Minka Kelly, and their baby.

Things don’t end too well for our hero, whose wife ends up leaving him. But Levine’s still grateful Kelly showed up in the first place. As the giddy frontman said to MTV, “Thank you, Minka Kelly, for doing our video!”

Find out what Levine’s all hopped up about by watching the “One More Night” video below:

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