Sometimes a video is so wonderful, you wonder how you’ve gone your whole life without seeing it.

A clip of Channing Tatum stripping to the YMCA, totally forgetting the moves, and laughing his way through the finish is definitely one of those videos.

First unearthed by TMZ, the vid is from Tatum’s pre-Hollywood days when he worked as a stripper. Cons: Tatum’s YMCA moves leave a little something to be desired. Pros: His abs are perfect.

Like a fine wine, Tatum got better as the years went on, as his dancing on Saturday Night Live and in the Magic Mike trailer demonstrate.

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch Tatum (in a hula skirt!) dance below:

Tell me your theory about what the heck is going on in the post-YMCA part of this video in the comments (Is that a spear?) Friendly reminder: Magic Mike opens in four days (as if your calendar isn’t marked).

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