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Credit: John Peets

The Black Keys may have named their most recent album after an old Chevrolet model, but that doesn’t mean they’re open to pimp just any company.

The Ohio garage duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have filed separate copyright infringement lawsuits against Home Depot and Pizza Hut for wrongly using their music in commercials, the AP reports.

Home Depot, the suit claims, used portions of the band’s hit “Lonely Boy” in a power-tools ad without the artist’s permission, while Pizza Hut allegedly pulled a similar stunt with “Gold on the Ceiling.” According to the AP, Brian Burton (a.k.a. Black Keys producer Danger Mouse) is also suing the companies.

“The experts confirmed that this was copyright infringement,” said Black Keys spokeswoman Mary Moyer in a statement. On top of requesting cease-and-desist orders, the band (which has previously allowed their work to be used in ads for Cadillac and Suburu) is also seeking more than $75,000 in damages from each party.

The Black Keys aren’t the only indie-rock band battling the ad world right now. The Baltimore-based Beach House is also accusing a British commercial for Volkswagen of producing a knock-off of their song “Take Care,” which the band says the ad agency tried to acquire rights to before hiring musicians to recreate the original.

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