Managing editor Jess Cagle discusses the implications of the matter-of-fact manner entertainers are coming out as gay

In this week’s cover story, Mark Harris points out that entertainers are coming out as gay men and women with unprecedented regularity, and with as little fanfare as they can. But don’t let the matter-of-fact pronouncements by Matt Bomer or Zachary Quinto or Jim Parsons or Wanda Sykes diminish the bravery and importance of being honest.

Coming out can still expose you to some pretty awful bigotry, but these stars are wise enough to know that while honesty carries a price, it now costs less than keeping secrets. As Mark also notes, there’s an inherent contradiction in praising these stars’ decision to quietly state the truth and doing so on the cover of a magazine. But these individuals are, in fact, the faces of a significant, newsworthy moment in pop culture; together they are bringing us a little closer to the realization that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness cannot be withheld because of who you love.

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