Bringing Don Winslow's 2010 novel to the big screen (on July 6) meant breathing life into O, the Laguna Beach hippie at the center of the story. ''There's so much that goes into this character to make it look like nothing's been done,'' says makeup-department head Bill Corso, who collaborated with costume designer Cindy Evans, makeup artist Elaine Offers, and Lively herself to sculpt a character who's equal parts SoCal surfer girl and Sienna Miller It Girl. ''It's not as effortless as it seems.''

By Bronwyn Barnes
June 22, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Beach Beauty

Mood boards helped set the tone for how each of the film’s characters would dress. ”It was always a consideration that she would wear things that would show off her tattoos,” says Corso of O’s vintage-inspired separates and skimpy swimwear. ”That was the through- line with everything — looking like she just came from the beach.”

Fresh Ink

”In the book O’s tattoos are inspired by the ocean, but Blake had a whole different concept in mind,” says Corso of working with the actress to create an original design for her character’s ink. ”She’s very inspired by Sage Vaughn, an artist friend of hers, so he did sketches of butterflies spattered over barbed wire with the color running out of them.” After the designs were finalized, tattoo-F/X company Tinsley Transfers created temporary decals that were reapplied every few days.

Good Taste

After a successful shopping trip at the local mall, O emerges bearing loot from luxury brands like Manolo Blahnik, Gucci, and Jen Kao. ”When you have somebody like Blake who’s so clothing-oriented, you just provide them with options,” says Corso of O’s style. ”Cindy [Evans] provided Blake with a big grab bag of stuff, and Blake assembled the things that worked best for her character.”

Barely There Makeu

”Like her character, Blake is a very beautiful bohemian girl, so I was gilding the lily,” says Offers. ”At the beginning of the film, we wanted her to look vulnerable, to keep her fresh and luminous while starting to create an arc for her character.” While Offers’ primary tools were Guerlain bronzer, Tarte cheek tint, and Urban Decay eyeliner, she used one secret weapon to achieve O’s stoner-chic aura: ”We applied menthol around the eyes so that she always had a haze about her.”

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