Romney Sons
Credit: Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco/TBS

If you see five similar-looking guys together on a late-night talk show, you can assume it’s a boy band. But last night on Conan, it wasn’t so much “What Makes You Beautiful” as “What Makes You A Romney,” with all five of Mitt Romney’s sons — Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig — stopping by the program in an attempt to humanize their dad.

Conan O’Brien joked about the number of them right off the bat, passing around nametags and pointing out that he felt like the “Romney Boys,” as the press calls them, were better suited to a boy band at the mall than the campaign trail. The five took the jokes in stride, and came prepared with stories about their dad from when they were kids. The big takeaway: Mitt Romney loves pranks.

In the funniest moment (video below), they shared a campaign highlight from when Gov. Romney was hoping for an endorsement from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The brothers had a machine that made your voice sound like Arnold’s, and called their dad asking ridiculous questions like, “Who is your daddy?” Mitt did not seem amused.

During a true/false segment, Craig finally brought the A-game for the Conan audience, and shared that Mitt Romney is a huge Will Ferrell/Spartan Cheerleaders fan. He apparently loved the “Taco! Burrito! What’s coming out of your Speedo?” line. There was a sentence I never expected to type. You can check out a clip of the Romney sons talking about their own personal hesitations with their dad running for office on Conan‘s site.

Overall, it was gaffe-free and fairly innocent. President Obama wasn’t mentioned at all, and while none of them were particularly enthusiastic — and the conversation was totally policy-free — they all seemed quite nice for their big TV debut. But perhaps I’m biased — when it comes to politicians’ children, I’m still waiting for more of Sasha Obama’s thoughts on ice cream.

Watch a clip from the interview below:

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