By Lanford Beard
June 21, 2012 at 02:40 PM EDT

With his Twitter crusade against the New York Daily News in full swing even this morning, Alec Baldwin appears to be in pretty good spirits about Tuesday’s altercation he had with a Daily News photographer. On last night’s Late Show With David Letterman, Baldwin admitted, “It looks like I’m forming the letter F with my mouth” in the front page shot of his run-in. But it’s not the F-word you think! Baldwin “explains,” and photographer Marcus Santos tells his side, below.

You see, PopWatchers — Baldwin is just a curious camera connoisseur, not a waterboarding advocate and rageaholic who’ll use murdered children as punchlines. If you’re going to take a picture of Alec Baldwin, shutterbugs, you best make sure you’re using the correct lens speed.

That said, Santos seemed pretty certain on today’s Good Morning America that no F-stop could have saved him. Talking with George Stephanopoulos, Santos (accompanied by his lawyer) refuted Baldwin’s insistence that “#no1punchedany1.” Said Santos, “I didn’t have time to react. … He just lunged at me.” The photographer discussed his injuries and said he’s “embarrassed” how things transpired. Watch the full interview below.

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