The artist formerly known as Tom Gabel is ready to talk.

After going public about his wish to become a woman, the transgender Against Me! singer now known as Laura Jane Grace spoke to MTV for her first interview as a woman.

The “humbled” singer talked about her road to womanhood, beginning with her experiences as a child. “One of my earliest memories is watching on TV a live performance of Madonna and being mesmerized,” she told MTV, “and just thinking that’s me on two levels: both the musician level, the performer level, and then as a female.”

“Watching Rosemary’s Baby and seeing Mia Farrow with a boy’s haircut was another moment I remember when I was probably like 4 or 5 years old,” she continued. “That’s what I’m going to grow up to be, that’s the kind of woman I’m going to be.”

Watch the full interview below:

But Grace still felt uncertain. “You don’t understand what’s happening to you … though, as you grow older, you realize this isn’t something that goes away,” she said. “When you’re younger, you have these moments where you’re like, ‘Okay, I’m going to choose to be male. I will be male. This is it. I’m going to take all my women’s clothes that I have secretly hidden away under my bed, and I’m going to put ’em in a garbage bag and I’m going to throw them in a dumpster, and that’s it. I swear off this behavior for the rest of my life.'”

“And then you get to that point where you’re like, ‘This isn’t something that’s going away,’ ” she continued. “And you start hearing so many other people’s stories, and you realize, ‘That’s me. This is what I’m going through.’ And it becomes so apparent and crystal-clear that you’d be a fool to continue to deny it.”

Luckily, the singer’s transition has been received warmly by friends, family, and fans.”When I told my wife, who was first person I came out to, immediately it was just like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.”

“I’ve been completely blown away by the majority of people’s reactions,” she added. “People have been more than respectful and more than supportive. It’s been, for me, completely humbling.”


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