No, really. Jorge Garcia recorded a message to space aliens. It’s part of National Geographic Channel’s project to crowdsource a giant howdy from earthlings to aliens in a promotional stunt for the series Chasing UFOs.

Seems 25 years ago, we intercepted an unidentified signal from space that some believe is proof of extraterrestrial intelligence (and others think was just an Earth-bound signal that bounced off some space debris). So NatGeo is collecting tweets from anybody who wants to say something very briefly to life on other planets and blasting all the messages into space as a rather belated reply to the signal. Here’s the former Lost actor’s video message:

And here’s NatGeo’s oddly hyperactive video explaining how to participate:

So, yeah, we’re just begging to get nuked.

For those seeking a more serious look at this topic, check out journalist Leslie Kean’s examination of alien visitation reports in her book, UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record.

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