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Updated June 20, 2012 at 03:47 PM EDT
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As we await the premiere of Charlie Sheen’s new FX show Anger Management, his new Playboy interview will keep us entertained. The best part of writer Eric Spitznagel’s Q&A, in which the actor dissects his public meltdown at length, is arguably the part where Sheen explains why he really ended up in the hospital the January before he was fired from Two and a Half Men. It wasn’t after he’d spent days partying and doing drugs, as tabloids reported and his employers allegedly believed — it was because he laughed too hard at a Dave Chappelle sketch.

Watch the sketch below. It’s possible?

Also in the interview, Sheen talks candidly about his time with his goddesses, and why one of the rules was no judging: “The judgment thing is especially hard. My mom offered me $500 when I was 12 years old not to say anything negative for an entire day. I didn’t make it past breakfast. And $500 at the time was like a million bucks, but I couldn’t make it,” he said.

He speaks reverently about his father’s parenting skills and shares his own views on child rearing (he doesn’t want his kids to do any drugs, but “Charlie Sheen OG” weed is better than Adderall). And most encouragingly, he says he wants to apologize to his Two and a Half Men costar Jon Cryer: “I whaled on him unnecessarily…. I made a mistake,” Sheen said. “But yes, I felt he should have come forward with some kind of support. But says who? What rule book is that written in? It’s not. He was trying to keep the s— together, trying to cover my ass, pick up the slack. He just got caught in the crossfire. He’s a beautiful man and a f—ing fabulous dude and I miss him. I need to repair that relationship, and I will. I will reach out and do whatever is necessary.”

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