By Clark Collis
Updated June 19, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

For fans of cult movies, Internet treasure troves don’t get much more treasure-y — or, I guess, trove-y — than Trailers From Hell!, the site where Gremlins director Joe Dante and his fellow “grindhouse gurus” talk viewers through vintage film promo clips.

Where else could you hear Hellboy auteur Guillermo del Toro recall wearing a fake moustache to sneak into 1981 horror flick Dead and Buried? Or Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon ruminate on the racially-charged ridiculousness of 1972’s The Thing with Two Heads? Or Animal House filmmaker John Landis entertainingly babble on about his days playing Roddy McDowall’s human slave in 1973’s Battle for the Planet of the Apes?

In return, Dante and crew have asked for nothing. Well, until now. Trailers From Hell! has just launched a Kickstarter campaign in search of $30,000 to keep the trailers a-coming and promote the site. But if Dante has a cap in one hand he has goodies in the other suitable for every wallet size. Among them? Those who pledge $25 will receive a Dante-signed copy of the most recent Trailers From Hell! DVD; $50 will get you the TFH DVD plus an autographed disc of Gremlins; fork over $1,000 and you can look forward to receiving the lower jaw of an “arachnid warrior” from Starship Troopers signed by writer Ed Neumeier; and $2,500 will buy you lunch with Joe Dante himself (at least, we’re assuming he’ll pay or, at the very least, go Dutch).

Perhaps most eye-catchingly, if you cough up $5,000 then Trailers from Hell! guru Josh Olson will read your script and give you feedback. Olson’s willingness to do this is notable not just because he received an Oscar nomination for penning A History of Violence but because he also once wrote an article titled I Will Not Read Your F—ing Script (or, as it must now presumably be renamed, I Will Not Read Your F—ing Script For Less Than $5,000).

Alternatively, you can check out for free the selection of Trailers From Hell! trailers below.

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