By James Hibberd
June 19, 2012 at 05:59 PM EDT
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Let’s cut to the chase and not drag this out: Will The Killing get a third season?

Maybe not, if AMC is going by the ratings: Sunday’s second season finale delivered 1.4 million viewers during its premiere airing, a number that climbed to 1.9 million when you include its first encore airing. That’s down a rather surprising 22 percent from the show’s previous episode and down a much less surprising 39 percent from last season’s “fooled ya!” finale.

“I loved that show,” one talent rep just e-mailed about The Killing, “but I won’t be put through that again.”

The Killing was like an insecure lover. By trying so desperately to hold onto its audience by not revealing Rosie Larsen’s murderer until the end of the second season, it inadvertently drove many fans away. Personally, I was one of those who dropped off after the first season finale. Fellow EW staffers insisted the show was really strong in season 2, but it’s tough to break away from a serialized show and then return.

The show’s producers are still awaiting word on whether the series will continue. Showrunner Veena Sud did not get on the phone to talk about the show’s finale this season (here she is talking about the controversial season 1 finale), but has an interview with the killer here where she, among other things, defends Sud against the critics.

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