Ray Romano
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Veteran sitcom (and drama!) star Ray Romano will join Parenthood this fall for a multi-episode arc. He will play a photographer who befriends Sarah (Lauren Graham) and complicates things with Mark (a returning Jason Ritter. Yes!).

His character will be introduced in the drama’s premiere on Sept. 11. Romano last starred in the critical fave Men of a Certain Age for TNT.

Romano’s arc definitely means things will stay hot and heavy with Mark, who was last seen proposing to Sarah. The long-term prognosis on their relationship wasn’t looking good, however, because Ritter was developing a new hospital drama for NBC from Parenthood head scribe Jason Katims. How could he stay on Parenthood and marry Sarah when he was needed in a County hospital?

Fortunately for fans of the Katims drama, the medical drama didn’t get a pickup for this fall, so Ritter’s dance card is (relatively) open for next season. “We love Jason Ritter so much and love the dynamic so much between he and Lauren, it’s definitely something we want to write to,” Katims told EW. “I think it’s always a question of working around his availability, so we’re not sure how many episodes he’s going to be in. But we’re hoping he’ll be much of the season, if possible. We always have to stay somewhat flexible.” — With additional reporting from Sandra Gonzalez

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