By Ray Rahman
Updated June 19, 2012 at 10:37 PM EDT

Did you love t.A.T.u. enough to get a tattoo of them? Or any other band, for that matter?

Ever since Buzzfeed tipped us off to this amazing dude who has not one, not two, but fifteen Miley Cyrus tattoos on his body, we realized that music fandom is relative. Music Mix, for instance, won’t deny having some awesome ink on our collective forearms — but we’re nowhere close to having Hannah Montana’s mug permanently etched onto our precious skin.

As it happens, the act of commissioning musician-oriented tattoos is becoming something of a trend. To wit: That lady who got Drake’s name tatted onto her forehead. Or this enthusiastic fellow who ran off and got Justin Bieber’s face tattooed onto his leg without realizing that Biebs would soon end up drastically altering his hairstyle.

Speaking of unusual coifs, one of our favorite celebrity tattoos has to be this one of Bald Britney Spears, which, honestly, was scary enough in real life. But, really, nobody can beat this gem: a tableau of all three Hanson members immortalized on one lucky person’s back.

Do you have any music-related ink that you regret? Surely someone out there has an Everlast tattoo! Leave your tattoo confession in the comments below.


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