Hans Zimmer has written the soundtrack for every kind of movie you can imagine — historical adventure, romantic comedy, drama, crappy Dan Brown sequel, videogame, every single animated movie not made by Pixar. But in recent years, he's become best known as the go-to soundsmith for Christopher Nolan: Besides collaborating with James Newton Howard on the Batman Begins and Dark Knight scores, Zimmer put the BWWWAMMPPP in Inception and taught the whole world to chant like anarcho-fascists in the forthcoming Dark Knight Rises. So it's not really surprising that, according to Variety, Zimmer will now write the score for Man of Steel, the Superman reboot which is being produced by Christopher Nolan. (And also being directed by Zack Snyder, but did we mention it's being produced by Christopher Nolan.)

This announcement flies right in the face of Zimmer's assertion, back in December 2010, that he was specifically not writing the music for Man of Steel, which in those salad days was still known as The Untitled Superman Reboot From The Director of '300' instead of The Titled Reboot From The Director of 'Sucker Punch.' Although, to be fair, what Zimmer actually said at the time was: "I have never in my life met Zack Snyder. I think I need to give him a ring." Apparently, Snyder got rung.

Now, if you're a film-soundtrack geek, the only question is which brand of Zimmerism we'll be getting with Man of Steel. The playful, retro-funky Zimmer of Pirates of the Caribbean and Sherlock Holmes? The relentless crescendos of Dark Knight and Da Vinci Code, which were so brilliantly/accidentally parodied by Daft Punk's TRON: Legacy soundtrack? The heart-tugging Zimmer of The Holiday and The Pacific? Or will he bring back the BWWWAMMPPP? Good ol' BWWWAMMPPP. Nothing beats that!

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