Dark Knight Rises
Credit: Ron Phillips

Can The Dark Knight Rises defeat The Avengers to become the highest-grossing super hero movie of all time? Maybe. Tickets for DKR went on sale last week, and the film’s opening night promptly sold out. At this point, if you’re from a major city, you’ll find that most of the prime IMAX screenings of DKR are sold out through opening weekend.

But tickets are still available, if you don’t mind paying exorbitant fees. A quick scan on eBay reveals that opening-night tickets for DKR are already on sale for over $100 in major markets.

One scalper is selling tickets to the midnight screening at Manhattan’s Lincoln Square Theater for $114 a pop, which to be fair is not much more expensive than a typical Manhattan movie ticket. Tickets for the Arclight — the boutique Los Angeles theater beloved by cinephiles for its implicit muffle-your-baby policy — are bidding at $150, or one gallon of gasoline. And somebody in London is selling an IMAX ticket for 300 pounds, which is coincidentally the GDP of Slovenia.

At this point, none of those tickets have any active bids, but it will be interesting to see if the prices start to skyrocket as the weekend approaches. Fellow film fans, would you pay prices like that for the chance to wait in line for three hours to watch DKR? Or will you settle for watching the movie on an old-fashioned non-IMAX screen?

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