Credit: Mary DiBiase/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Actress Susan Tyrrell has died at the age of 67. Tyrrell was best known for her Oscar-nominated supporting performance as a barfly in director John Huston’s 1972 boxing drama Fat City. Her eclectic filmography also included Andy Warhol’s Bad, Paul Verhoeven’s Flesh + Blood, and John Waters’ Cry-Baby.

In 2000, the actress was diagnosed with thrombocythemia, a rare disease of the bone marrow, and had both her legs amputated. Tyrell continued to act, appearing in such projects as Masked and Anonymous and, most recently, Kid Thing.

Although never a household name, Tyrrell’s fondness for leftfield projects and her at times outre behavior helped her acquire a devoted following amongst cult film fans. “The last thing my mother said to me was, ‘SuSu, your life is a celebration of everything that is cheap and tawdry,’” the actress recalled to writer Paul Cullum, who penned a 2000 profile of Tyrrell for the LA Weekly. “I’ve always liked that, and I’ve always tried to live up to it.”

Her death was confirmed by Cullum who said he was told by Tyrrell’s niece that she passed away in her sleep on Saturday at the actress’ home in Austin, Texas.