Ever procreated with a beverage machine? No, of course you haven’t. We leave that kind of stuff to Bender. The feisty robot will explore fatherhood in ways we never imagined in the season 7 premiere of Futurama, the 31st-century set animated comedy that returns to Comedy Central on June 20 at 10 p.m. (A second episode will air at 10:30 p.m.)

In “The Bots and The Bees,” the crew gets a new soda machine, which Bender finds a way to impregnate. “If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, there will be an explanatory film within the episode that explains the robot reproductive cycle,” exec producer David X. Cohen tells EW.

Dare we ask how Bender fares as a father? “His parenting technique is basically to take his crying child, put him to bed, and then sneak off quietly and try to kill himself in the next room,” explains Cohen. “So Bender’s not the best father, but he comes around a little bit when he learns that his son loves bending. They have this bonding moment when they both love to bend things.”

And let’s not forget about Baby Bender’s mother: The lippy beverage machine — or “Bev” as she likes to call herself — is voiced by Wanda Sykes. “We were looking for somebody who could go toe-to-toe with Bender. I was picturing those scenes of Wanda on Curb Your Enthusiasm and we thought, ‘Well, she’s one of the few people who could stand up to Bender in a love spat.’ They will have quite a few of those. She’s not a great mother, by the way. There’s kind of a competition to see which one of them is the worse parent. She’s a bit of a loose woman and I use the term ‘loose woman’ loosely since she’s a machine. She manages to have a couple of illegitimate robot children in the course of the episode.”

Enjoy the start of their relationship in the video below.

The title of the second episode of the night, “A Farewell to Arms,” should be taken literally, hints Cohen: “There will be be an orgy of romance and flying body parts in this episode.” Okay, then. The episode was inspired by the notion that the Mayan calendar predicts global catastrophe in 2012, as Fry & co. uncover an ancient prophecy that forecasts the end of the world in… 3012. “The situation is very grim,” says Cohen. “The Earth is going to be destroyed and they can only evacuate a limited number of people because of the capacity of the ships that are going to take people to Mars. Fry and Leela get separated, so it is a tragic, romantic sci-fi disaster movie.”

Press play on the following video before it’s too late.

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