Despite CBS’ best efforts, the premiere of Glass House will go on as planned tonight on ABC. CBS will still pursue a claim against Disney/ABC for copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets, but for now it’s difficult to accuse ABC of ripping off Big Brother when no one has actually seen Glass House.

But snippets of ABC’s new hidden-camera show have already aired in promos, which gave CBS enough fodder to complete a comparison chart to display in court last week. Here are the similarities that lawyers for CBS are alleging:


Unfortunately for CBS, U.S. District Judge Gary A. Feess said the differences between the two reality shows are enough to demonstrate that ABC didn’t flat-out rip off the CBS franchise. Unlike Big Brother, the audience decides who stays and who goes from the Glass House. Contestants also leave the house for a 52-hour period each week on the ABC show, unlike what happens on Big Brother. “The audience involvement playing a constant role is very likely to induce quite different behavior than one would see on Big Brother,” he said after announcing he’s inclined to deny CBS’ request to block tonight’s premiere. (Strangely, the judge has yet to issue his ruling in writing).

Viewers will be the ultimate judge. Are you planning to check out tonight’s debut of Glass House?

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