The ''Boardwalk Empire'' actress, 36, stars as the voice of heroine Merida in Pixar's 3-D animated adventure ''Brave,'' out June 22

By Kyle Anderson
June 15, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Teenage Fanclub, ”Your Love Is the Place Where I Come From”

”For the first dance at my wedding [to Travis bassist Dougie Payne] I had asked for ‘Your Love Is the Place Where I Come From,’ and I was just expecting it to be on CD, but my husband’s best man got Teenage Fanclub to come and play it. I was meant to be locking eyes with my husband, but I found myself pushing him out of the way so I could watch the band. It was really unromantic. [Laughs]”

Freddie and the Dreamers, ”Do the Freddie”

”My son is called Freddie, and my friends said, ‘Oh, you must know this,’ but I didn’t. Sure enough, he loved it. His little face when he realized they were singing his name — he just couldn’t take it in.”

Public Image Limited, ”This Is Not a Love Song”

”John Lydon is such a force of nature. His charisma is unbelievable. I told my husband after [seeing PIL live] that if that was a meeting for some sort of cult that night, I would have joined the cult.”

Arcade Fire, ”The Suburbs”

”I get stuck on things — when I had flatmates, my CDs would mysteriously disappear after I played the same ones over and over again. But I realized I was perfectly happy to listen to The Suburbs over and over. And why wouldn’t I want to feel happy?”