In a short but sweet Dark Knight Rises TV spot — the first since tickets for the July 20 release went on sale — a few new details emerge, or at least are reinforced. Gotham has finally become the peaceful city Bruce’s father envisioned, judging by the exchange between Gordon (Gary Oldman) and copper John Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt). “When you cleaned up the streets, you cleaned them good,” says Blake. “Pretty soon, we’ll be chasing down overdue library books.”

But as we know, it can’t last. “It’ll liven up in a minute,” says Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle. “Trust me.”

Watch below:

Two things of note, at least for me. In previous clips, when Bane says, “I’m Gotham’s reckoning,” I’d always assumed that he was gripping Bruce Wayne’s head in his palm. But with these extra frames, it’s clear that it’s not Bruce — probably some elite Wall Street banker? — a blessing for our hero since it appears that Bane then moves to rip the poor man’s face off.

The other development is the resolved bromance between Bruce and his tech mentor, Lucius Fox, explored in a previous teaser. But I wonder about the chronology of the scenes we’re seeing here. When Fox is “showing off” with the new flying Bat, Bruce looks a little too dressed up and pleased with himself for the city to be under siege. He looks like he’s still on top of the world, with the exception of that cane. This must be during their “just for old time’s sake” conversations. It seems that Fox hasn’t held a grudge against Bruce for his assumption of too much power to catch the Joker. In fact, he’s eager for Bruce to resume his duties from the beginning. Bruce’s desperate plea to get back in the game — and Lucius’s reluctance — must come later in the film.

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