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I’m baaaaaack!

Yes, my two-week vacation to the motherland (Texas) was just the refresher I was hoping for before getting into the thick of all the exciting things happening here at EW this summer — like set visits, Comic-Con, general tomfoolery. My highlights? Reigning supreme in my very first Penny Can tournament, cuddling puppies, and getting my mother addicted to The Vampire Diaries. (“Awww! He met her first!” — mom, re: the finale). But now it’s back to work! So enjoy the return of Spoiler Room.

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Just under 7 million of y’all tuned into TNT’s Dallas this past week, and if you thought the first two hours were intense, hold on to your cowboy hats.

When the Dallas youngins came into EW HQ earlier this week to talk about the season to come (and dish on Larry Hagman’s colorful ways), Josh Henderson opened up about the bitter battle that’s brewing between John Ross and his father, J.R. And, unsurprisingly, he says the cliffhanger that we saw at the end of this week’s episode — in which we saw J.R. meeting the real Marta Del Sol — is only the start of the twists we’ll be seeing.

“That sets up the game between JR and John Ross and sets up the battlefield,” he says. “We’re both feeling each other out. He knows he can’t really trust me, and he feels like he’s one-upped me. But John Ross is a mover and a shaker, and I always try to stay one step ahead of him.” That’s right, John Ross has more than one trick up his sleeve — and he wouldn’t be an Ewing if he didn’t.

But while the tricks can be expected, one thing that surprised even Henderson? “The stakes become huge. Huge in the sense of money, pride, and safety — it gets dangerous. It’s juicy,” he says.

Yep, expect some death. Or so says Jesse Metcalfe. “There’s a few unexpected deaths,” he says slyly.


I went to the set of White Collar this week and you can’t imagine how crushed I was to learn that had I come one day earlier, I could have seen Matt Bomer (the grinder) and Tim DeKay boxing. It’ll take a while to recover from the devastation. But you know what helped me? More scoop from the set! So here are 6 awesome White Collar scooplets to accompany the mental picture I just gave you. And look for more from my time on set next week. (I spent quality time with all our faves!)

1. Tim DeKay WILL be directing another episode this season, which is tentatively scheduled to be the 13th of the new season. It will be jazz themed and feature a special guest who we’ve seen before. (Question submitted via Twitter by @jackierandazzo)

2. Hillary Burton will be back for a number of episodes, but they will be spaced apart a bit. There’s one big episode with her and Neal that will take the temperature of their relationship, which we thought had come to a resolution.

3. A hug between Peter and Neal in the premiere will give you the warm and fuzzies.

4. [Spoiler] will [BIG spoiler] before the midseason finale.

5. Treat Williams’ character, Sam, won’t necessarily get along well with Peter. Lots of great scenes will take place between these two.

6. Mozzi. Storage Wars nod. Awesome.


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We need to talk about Grey’s Anatomy. Specifically, we need to talk about how even now — a full month after the season finale — I still can’t get onto a small plane without breaking into a panicked cold sweat. But as I deal with my issues in therapy, actor Kevin McKidd hopes the tragedy of the plane crash opens up Owen and Cristina (Sandra Oh) to a little healing of their own.

“I think the plane crash changes the landscape dramatically,” he says. “I’m interested to see where they’re at. Owen wants to win her heart back, and I would imagine he’s going to do everything in his power to do that. Again, it’s so interesting the way the writers write such amazing storylines, so I can’t say that’s what’s going to happen but that would be my wish. I hope he’s her rock and fights for her.”

But that’s usually easier said than done when it comes to Cristina, he admits. Though, there’s always a chance that her (600th) brush with death could leave her open to things that she wasn’t open to before — like a baby. “I think that might be in the cards, but you never can tell. I think it’s going to still be a long road for them, but I hope they are now on a healing path.”

Meanwhile, with Teddy gone, Owen will have one less person to lean on when it comes to his embattled marriage, and McKidd says the loss of Kim Raver also left him reeling off-screen. “It was heartbreaking for me personally because Kim Raver and I are very very good friends,” he says. “So that was a tough, juicy scene to shoot. I think it’s been a very intense, emotional time for us on the show. But I think it was a really beautifully executed finale. I think it went out on a limb and it turned beautifully.”

Click here to read my conversation with McKidd about his new charity album.

NEXT: The Middle, Sons of Anarchy, Suits, Franklin & Bash, and more scooplets!


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Any early dish on The Middle? — Susan

With the writers already hard at work on season 4, here’s what I can share: Three big things are on the horizon for members of the Heck family. 1. Sue’s supposed to get her driver’s license this year. 2. Axl needs to apply for college this year. And 3. We might see Frankie’s job world experiencing a shake up. Also, co-creator Eileen Heisler tells me the first ep will likely give us a glimpse into what the Hecks did over their summer vacation — and it promises to be hilarious.

Ok, so I officially LOVE Jane Seymour as Peter’s mom on Franklin & Bash, can I expect more of her this season? I hope you had a nice vacation! — Reena

No current plans for Seymour to return, sadly. She’s only appearing in one episode this season, but the good news is that she’s a member of the family and could return if the show gets another season. I hear all parties are open to a return. Also good news? The awesome guest stars continue in the next new episode, with Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty), Seth Green, and Cybil Shepherd, who was the standout of the episode, playing one of Stanton’s (Malcolm McDowell) ex-wives. Also, my vacation was awesome. Thanks!

Any scoop on Rumple & Belle in S2 of Once Upon a Time? Their reunion rocked, both from the shipper perspective and the overall story line perspective. Thanks. — Raissa (Tempe, AZ)

I wholly agree on the awesomeness of the reunion, but since my Bumple (ewwwww) scoop is lacking, I’ll counter with what Jennifer Morrison told me about Emma’s love life in season two: “[Executive producers] Eddie [Horowitz] and Adam [Kitsis] have talked about how season one for Emma was really about falling in love with Henry and season two they’re going to explore the idea of her allowing romantic love in her life as well because that’s something she’s never really permitted previously either,” she says. But whether that involves the Hunstman (or Pinnocchio, for those of you who dig that) is up in the air. “[The Huntsman] was in the season finale so they’ve established in fairytale land you can still flashback to him existing there, even though he’s not alive in reality,” she says. “I don’t know what this means now that we’re bringing magic. We don’t know as actors … We don’t know what that means for Pinocchio. Is he still going to be wood or is he going to come back to life? We don’t know if that means the Huntsman can be brought back to life. We don’t know what the rules are going to be now because everything has changed.”

I’m so sad it’s already time for Fairly Legal to wrap up. I know you’ll have some scoop to make me feel better? — Allison

The last image of the season will make you laugh out loud. Well, I did anyway, and all I can hint is that Kate finds herself literally face-to-face with what will probably turn out to be a source of major stress next season (if there is one!). Romantically speaking, two of the three characters in our little love triangle will gear up for major changes in their lives (one is personal, one is professional), and Lauren’s love life will hit a major snag that you probably won’t see coming. It’s REALLY good. Now, when do we start the “renew this now” talk? Do people still do petitions? If so, where do I sign? (Finale airs tonight!)

Awkward. — Lucy

Well, don’t spare my feelings…

YAY!! Suits is back! Dish for me on the new season? — Courtney

“In the next few episodes, you’re really going to see where people’s loyalties lie,” Gabriel Macht dishes about the episodes that follow last night’s season premiere. “You might see Louis fall on Hardman’s sides, and Mike might go back and forth between Hardman and Pearson. There are some budding heads going on with Jessica and Harvey, trying to figure out how to navigate this dynamic.” And, he warns, don’t be so quick to believe Hardman’s claim of being “a changed man.” “I don’t know that he is — maybe not so much,” he said with a smile. (Note: Come back Monday for a truly awesome Spoiler Room Video Edition, in which Macht answers YOUR questions!)

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I’d love any Sons of Anarchy scoop you got! — Deb

My colleague James Hibberd actually talked to creator Kurt Sutter recently, and came back with a nice scooplet on the small time jump we’ll see in the first episode back. Says Sutter: “Not a lot [will change.] We’ll play a nebulous 3-4 week period. I wanted to give a little time so it’s not just everyone coming in with the same heat and intensity. We’ll give everyone some time to heal. Clay, letting him deal with the physicality of what happened with him. [He’ll] at least able to process it and move on. For the most part it picks up where it all left off, but I don’t think we’re going to begin with any major shifts in character like we did between seasons 3 and 4. We introduce new characters Damon Pope [played by Harold Perrineau]…[and[ Jimmy Smites as ex banger who becomes a part of Gemma’s world and an influence for Jax, as well.

Leverage!!! I saw a commercial for the new season the other day and I’m PUMPDDD!! — Lisa

So pumped, you lost your “e”! But your excitement is warranted. I just watched the first episode, and it was awesome. A few highlights? The gang’s new digs, Eliot and Hardison arguing over Hardison’s new business venture, Parker and Hardison taking a big step, and…that ending.

So sad about Mindy Kaling leaving The Office. — Patti

So is Ellie Kemper. “Oh that is very sad. It’s bittersweet because on one hand I’m excited that she’s going on to make her new show, which looks fantastic and the world could use all the Mindy brilliance it can get, but she’s my good friend, I love working with her and she is such a core piece of the show,” she says. “But it can also be good because there are a lot of new writers coming in and fresh eyes can’t hurt.” Meanwhile, Kemper adds, she has no plans on moving on from Dunder-Mifflin as long as the show keeps churning. “Oh my gosh, no, no, no. I never ever want to leave that show — but it will end eventually. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for that as well.”

Any idea how they’re thinking of ending 30 Rock? — Jason

Too early to tell, but Alec Baldwin, who we caught up with at the Rock of Ages after-party has his own (totally insane/brilliant!) idea. “ I have asked them if I can die,” he says. “I want Jack to have a heart attack and then come back as a ghost who still pesters Liz Lemon and tell her how to run her life.” Ok. Maybe he was kidding. (Maybe.) But however it ends, Baldwin says he knows the time is right — even if he would have stayed on longer. “It’s funny because after season five, which was not this past year but the one before, everybody felt we’d hit a wall. Everything was so good for the first four and we got so many awards and attention from critics. And after five, everyone was wondering if we should do one more and get outta here. We were only signed for six and then we did six and it was great again. We all had fun again and it was smart and crazy and funny. I would have done seven and eight because it fits my current lifestyle…lifestyle considerations are very important to me at my age. And I love the character of Jack Donaghy but I think the writers are kinda done.”

You know what I’m missing most during summer? Happy Endings! That show always puts a smile on my face and I’m a frowny franny these days. Help turn my frown upside-down with a spoiler! — Amanda

Well, Franny, first: I love you. Second Casey Wilson loves helping us both out with a little early intel: “I’ve heard that Brian Austin Green might comeback which is exciting,” she told EW. “I felt like they had a little something, [but] I don’t know what that means for Dave and Penny. I think the writers have been talking about Penny possibly having a boyfriend, and I’m sure she’ll destroy that and ruin her opportunity.” Sounds about right to me!

Cougar Town can’t come back soon enough. I just wanted to say that. But scoop would be nice, too! — Adam

Agreed. Hurry the hell up, fall! In the meantime, co-creator Bill Lawrence says among the things we can expect next season? More of 21-year-old Travis hanging out with the big kids (or is it big — pause — kids?). “I would say that he’s a part of the wine-drinking escapades and that there will be a little bit of a transition into what that means as far as adulthood,” he says. “I always thought that Travis seemed like the oldest guy anyways. But I think it will be a little less about him feeling like a kid and a little more of him feeling like an adult finding his place and finding his way a little bit.”

I loved the Burn Notice comic book with Michael and Fi’s backstory! But are we ever going to get to see some of these moments on-screen? — Ashley

Good question. Good, but tricky. Flashbacks, while usually valuable plot devices, are a little more difficult to do on a show that has a voice over like the one we hear on Burn Notice, admits creator Matt Nix. “[A flashback to this time] hasn’t happened this season, but I wouldn’t rule it out over the long term; although, it’s a slightly weird thing for us to do flashbacks because of the voiceover,” he says. “Not to get too wonky with this, but you then get into questions like, ‘Where is Michael when he’s talking about this? Is he in the present of the series? Or past?’ It’d have to be a very special episode. It’s something we’ve actually discussed doing, but it’d be a little weird to have Michael giving spy tips on something that happened a long time ago because usually the voice overs happen in the moment.”

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Any Awkward scoop? — Taryn

…[lightbulb]. Ehem, in the first two episodes, there’s a surprise kiss, someone utters the line “[spoiler] is dead to me!,” Jenna and her mother have a confrontation over the letter, and this love triangle hits all sorts of highs and lows, leaving me more conflicted than ever. Not enough? Send me your awesome questions about the show because I might be having some special guests in the office soon.

(With reporting from James Hibberd, Carrie Bell, and Nuzhat Naoreen)

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