"Call Me Maybe" is the gift that keeps on giving. As if it wasn't enough that the unofficial music video featured Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Tisdale, there are versions from Katy Perry, Harvard's baseball team, Donald Trump, and even the leader of the free world.

Today brings the total up two more. We have (shirtless!) Abercrombie & Fitch models dancing all over the world, and, well, a sign that the end of this trend is most definitely near: Corgis. Check out their versions — as well as a round-up of some more of our favorites — after the jump.

Corgis: "Call Me Maybe" is simply out of people who can cover the tune. Corgis do a send-up of the actual original music video, which, thanks to Bieber, we're betting you forgot even existed.

Shirtless guys + summer song? What took so long? Magic Mike is still a few weeks away, so check out Abercrombie & Fitch models getting in on the fun.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell (with a guest appearance by Gayle King!) sang a bit of the tune on CBS This Morning.

Tay Zonday: His amazingly low voice strikes again. Jepsen's perky vocals get a break as Zonday sings the track himself.

Carly Rae Jepsen: The woman who started it all had some fun with musical instruments on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

President Obama: Sure, he's not really singing, but you've got to admire the dedication from YouTube user 'baracksdubs.'

Harvard Baseball Team: The simple, straightforward moves — not to mention total commitment — made this version a meme in and of itself, racking up over 11 million views on YouTube so far. The group even got the chance to re-enact the performance on the Today show (with competition from the SMU rowing team).

Miss USA Contestants (plus DONALD TRUMP): The Donald took a break from arguing with Wolf Blitzer to join Miss USA contestants (as well as Andy Cohen!) in this version of the tune. Trump shows up at :41.

The E! Network's Fashion Police personalities stopped judging dresses for a moment, and Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne and Guiliana Rancic (who also showed up in the Miss USA version) got down — in heels — to "Call Me Maybe" fever.

And we can't forget about James Franco and Katy Perry. The jury's out on whether Franco or Perry's attempts will net the same numbers as the Biebs' version (which has garnered over 42 million views since its February release), but it certainly doesn't hurt that Perry's showcasing vibrant purple hair in her video, and Franco can be heard actually singing in his. Watch their lip-synching sensations below:

What version gets you ready to rock?

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