By Sandra Gonzalez
June 15, 2012 at 04:18 AM EDT
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There were two games on TV Thursday night — something involving basketball and then the game Anson was playing with Michael Westen on Burn Notice.

If we’re keeping score, evil man Anson still has one up on Michael. By the end of the season premiere, he had not only slipped through Michael’s fingers once again, but he had almost killed Sam in an explosion. (P.S. – Thank you, Burn Notice, for always bringing the boom.)

Meanwhile, Fiona was still in custody, and despite Agent Jerk’s (Alex Carter) best efforts to trick her into confessing the truth, she stuck to her story. But as a result she’s pretty much in the same position we left her at the end of last season: facing major jail time.

Now we’re left to wonder where this season is headed, and I can’t say the episode gave us a great idea of exactly what’s to come. Surely Michael will continue his quest to free Fi, but I wish we would have gotten a better idea of the price that might be paid. (Although, could Fi be the one to pay the ultimate price — per the warning she received from Agent Bly at the end of the episode?) That said, I’m certainly going to stick around to find out what does happen — and to see more s–t blow up.

Your turn: Any favorite moments from the premiere? Were you hoping they’d catch Anson? And how freaking awesome was it to see Maddie shoot a man down?


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